Diffuser basics

What is an ultrasonic diffuser? How does it work?

Appellation’s ultrasonic diffuser is a clever little device that uses water and electronic frequencies to transform essential oil into tiny micro-droplets. There’s a small disc in the base of the reservoir that silently vibrates, gently agitating the water and causing the oil to vaporise into a fine, aromatic mist. The mist then disperses through the air, filling a room, or any other space, with your desired aroma.

Unlike other forms of diffusion, an ultrasonic diffuser doesn’t require the use of heat, making it a safe way to disperse scent and preserving the integrity of the essential oils. Applying heat to an essential oil can alter its chemical composition and aroma, and negate the therapeutic benefits.

As an added bonus, these diffusers also require very little oil, making them a cost-effective solution.

Can I use other essential oils in my diffuser?

Of course! We only ask that you ensure they are 100% pure essential oils. Using perfume, for example, or a fragranced massage oil could damage the diffuser or cause it to malfunction. Also, diffusing synthetic perfume or oil simply won’t have therapeutic benefits. To ensure you're buying a quality oil for your diffuser, take a look at the Appellation guide to buying essential oils on our Journal. 

Can I use perfume in my diffuser?

Unfortunately, no. See above.

How do I set up my diffuser?

It’s easy! Follow our simple instructions, which you can find in the accompanying manual or a quick start guide here.

How long does the diffuser run?

Appellation’s stone diffuser has two settings. Press once for a 9-hour continuous setting, or twice for a 16-hour intermittent (20 seconds on, 20 seconds off) mist.

Do I need to turn it off?

No, there’s no need – the diffuser automatically shuts off when the water level is too low. 

If I can't smell it, is it working?

Don’t worry. Your nose is not broken. Nor is the diffuser. You’re simply experiencing olfactory fatigue, also known as nose blindness. Read more about this curious phenomenon in our Journal.


Essential Oils

How much essential oil should I use in an Appellation diffuser?

It depends on three things: personal preference, the type of blend or oil, and the size of your space. We recommend using between 5-25 drops of essential oil. Aromatic base note oils like myrrh, vetiver or patchouli require fewer drops while top note oils like citruses tend to evaporate faster. 

What is the benefit of diffusing essential oils?

Besides creating a beautifully scented space, the benefits of diffusing essential oils are endless, from alleviating anxiety and stress to lifting your mood, improving sleep and productivity, and even the ability to recall memories. Using aroma as part of a daily ritual can have a powerful effect on mental wellbeing and there are many studies into the proven therapeutic benefits of specific essential oils. We encourage you to follow along @appellation.co to learn more about this fascinating subject.

Do I have to use the Appellation diffuser with Appellation oils?

There are some fantastic options out there. If you prefer to use another brand or a traditional flame burner, we respect that. After all, the scent and the way you feel is more important to us. 

How much essential oil does a 10ml bottle provide?

There are approximately 200 drops in a 10ml bottle – it's up to you how much you use. Using 5 drops of oil per use equates to approximately 40 uses.

Are certain essential oils harmful to pets?

Certain essential oils can be toxic to animals if ingested, however, provided there’s good ventilation and your pet is able to leave the room if they wish, there shouldn’t be any issue diffusing around animals. If you notice any obvious change in behaviour or if your pet seems uncomfortable or irritated, stop diffusing and move your pet somewhere well-ventilated. 

Is the diffuser safe to use around children?

The short answer is yes, but there are certain safety guidelines and recommendations. If you have little ones, ensure you diffuse in a well-ventilated space, well out of reach. You can also rest assured that Appellation’s blends are 100% pure, and all our oils are either wild-harvested (grown in the wild as nature intended) or certified organic. This is especially important to highlight for those concerned about pesticides, as citrus oils are heavily sprayed. 

For more on children and essential oils, see here's a blog post you should read

I’m pregnant – is it safe to diffuse essential oils?

Diffusing is one of the safest and gentlest methods to access the benefits of aromatherapy during pregnancy. Many essential oils – particularly those in our Calm Series – contain deeply relaxing and anxiety-reducing qualities. We recommend using fewer drops and the intermittent setting on our Appellation diffuser.


Buying online

Where are you stocked?

You can purchase directly from our e-commerce store and social channels – we are proud of our super-fast global service enjoyed by customers all around the world, from Japan and Australia to Kuwait and Lithuania. 

In Dubai, our full range is available at sustainable florist and concept store, Villa Margot in Jumeirah 2. 

If we're so lucky to come across like-minded people who wish to stock Appellation, we'll work on it. Trade and wholesale can get in touch with us here. Stay tuned to hear any retailer news by signing up to our mailing list or following on Instagram.