The practice of using natural aroma with intent; that's #Diffusage

Whether it’s for relaxation or reflection, deep work or creativity, diffusage is the conscious use of aroma to create an atmosphere. It’s a ritual, taking a moment in your day to transform your immediate space or mood. 

Aroma encourages breath. A gentle inhalation. Diffusage is using essential oils for their therapeutic benefits, or simply for pure sensorial pleasure.

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Diffusage ideas

Choose an oil to suit your mood, your frame of mind, or your personal space, and make diffusing part of an everyday ritual. 
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Diffuse with ease

Preparing for diffusage

Because you've got enough on your plate, the Appellation Diffuser is easy to set up.

Using the measuring cup (included), fill the water reservoir with 120mL of water and add 5-25 drops of pure essential oil.

Place the inner lid and stone cover over the reservoir. Plug in the AC unit to the Diffuser base.
Select your setting - persistent or intermittent mist, soft glow LED or not. Then, sit back.

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Augmented Reality Experience

Bedroom, family room, home office or nursery, see how the Appellation Diffuser will look using an AR-enabled smart phone. Or, get close-up in 3D on your desktop or mobile using a regular web browser. We'll show you how.


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