A family-owned wellness company created by natural perfumer and aromatherapist Michelle Wranik-Hicks.

Michelle Wranik-Hicks, aromatherapist & founder of Appellation Dubai, posing in front of perfumer organ

Born in Sydney, Australia to Czech parents, Michelle is the mother of two young boys and an accomplished travel writer and editor.

Michelle’s 15-year career in publishing saw her travel to more than 60 countries, her journeys and experiences documented in the pages of Wallpaper*, Condé Nast Traveller, CNN, Luxury Travel, Departures and The Daily Telegraph, among many others.

Through her extensive travels in the Middle East, and experiencing its luxurious hotels and spas, she developed a passion for the beautiful, mysterious aromatic rituals of the region, and a strong desire to learn more about perfume.

Michelle's interest in scent only deepened when she studied perfumery in Italy, travelling to the small town of Coriano to study under celebrated natural perfumer, Abdes Salaam Attar. The experience changed everything, sparking a fascination with essential oils and the science behind scent.

Through her studies, she realised that even children have a remarkably developed sense of smell, a sense directly linked to the limbic system, a brain structure closely associated with memory and emotion.

“As a writer, I have always used language as a creative medium. But the more I learned about scent and essential oils, the more I realised just how powerful they are, and how incredibly underrated our sense of smell is.”

Scent has such an immediate impact. A single aroma can instantly trigger an emotional and physiological reaction. A memory from childhood. A person. A place. There's no other sense like it. Even the act of inhalation inspires us to slow down and reconnect.”

Aroma, used consciously

Michelle’s perfumery practice awakened a desire to further her knowledge. She continues to study aromatherapy, and after witnessing the positive impact her formulas have on her own children, Appellation was born.

Today, in between parenting two young boys, Michelle dedicates her time to growing Appellation, studying aromachology and discovering and blending rare, exquisite oils from around the world.

Appellation is a small family-owned business based in Dubai

It takes a tribe...

Appellation is a family business at heart, and would be nothing without the support of close friends, family and Michelle's husband, Michal.

As a doting father and fragrance lover, Michal is driven by making a difference and leaving a legacy in all areas, particularly for his sons and other families around the world.