Designing this business gives us the opportunity to make conscious choices, every step of the way.

At Appellation, we take our social, environmental and organisational responsibility seriously.

As a self-funded start-up, we face limitations but we do what we can within our means. 

Examining the impact of our supply chain and questioning all aspects of our packaging and manufacturing processes is a continuous effort.

What we take...

  • When it comes to our ingredients, we take sourcing seriously, tracing ingredients to their origins. All our essential oils – with the exception of two wild-harvested wood resins, Omani frankincense and Dominican Republic Amyris, and wild-grown Nepalese Palmarosa – are certified organic.
  • Our sourcing partners are committed to quality, conservation and sustainability. Where possible, we like to personally visit individual distillers to ensure our ingredients are cultivated, harvested and produced in a manner that benefits the local community as well as the environment.
  • We would always choose a supplier who pays harvesters a liveable wage over a cheaper option. 
  • Our goal is to eventually only source from smaller companies, female-founded and family-owned growers and producers, ensuring we have a positive impact.
  • Our essential oil blends are formulated by us and manufactured locally in the UAE at a family-owned factory.
  • Unlike many brands, we use violet (biophotonic) glass bottles, which are more costly but protect the bio-energetic values of our ingredients, resulting in less expiration waste. They're also reusable and recyclable for a plastic-less future.

What we give...

5% of every online purchase goes towards causes that are dear to us. These include, but aren't limited to charitable organisations that work day-in-day-out for the betterment of families, children and the communities who need it. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at our partners and the causes we are proud to support. Follow along on Instagram for updates.