From brief to the big reveal, you create stunning interior spaces for your client.

You’ve thought about every detail to make the space reflect their needs; aspirational, yet functional, even down to the choice of candles on a credenza

It’s now time for them to live in it.

They adore the results, but despite the herculean effort, there's an element overlooked: the scent of the space isn't quite working for your client. After all scent preference is extremely personal.

Add a personalised Appellation aroma to any client project.

Have Appellation founder, aromatherapist and natural perfumer create an all-natural essential oil blend to suit your clients' preferences, and fill the new space.

During your project, we will:

  • Schedule a consultation to gather your clients’ scent preferences
  • Create 2-3 options and test with your client
  • Provide a final custom final blend with personalised packaging
  • Provide your client with an Appellation ultrasonic diffuser (styled by you, of course).

We partner with select Interior Designers who look for unique ways to add value to their client projects with a custom scent for the more discerning of noses.

If this is you and you’re based in UAE, we'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below, or directly via chat or Instagram.