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الرحلة الليلية | مزيج الزيت العطري

مستوحاة من العزلة في وقت متأخر من الليل والنوم العميق والأحلام الأعمق ، تعد The Night Journey قصيدة عطرية للمساء وتهدئ من هم عرضة للتفكير الزائد.

ممزوج مع الإيلنغ العضوي ، الباتشولي والبرغموت ، الرائحة ترابية ، زهرية استوائية وشرقية في آن واحد. نظرًا لكونه أساسيًا ومعززًا ، فإنه يؤدي إلى استجابات عاطفية وفسيولوجية ، مما يقلل من مستويات الكورتيزول ويعزز الاسترخاء ، مما يساعدك على التخلص من اليوم.

انتشر عندما تكون الأضواء خافتة ، للانعكاس ولحظات الهدوء.

انتشر عندما تكون مؤذية وفرط النشاط. عندما يكونون مستيقظين عندما لا يجب أن يكونوا كذلك.

  • الغرض: السكون ، والإفراط في التفكير ، والتوازن
  • 10 مل توفر ما يصل إلى 40 استخدامًا

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Your Ultradian Rhythm

Most people are familiar with the circadian rhythm, a biological cycle that governs everything from sleep and mood to metabolism. What is less known is that our bodies follow similar cyclical patterns throughout the day.

In our waking hours, we shift between a state of heightened alertness to a state of fatigue every 90 minutes. This natural biological pattern is known as the ultradian rhythm – your body's predefined, rest-activity cycle.

You might recognise your ultradian rhythm by peaks and dips in energy during the day. That feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ – particularly in the afternoon – or the brain fog that occurs after a period of extended focus.

Mounting scientific evidence has shown that ignoring these physical cues to rest takes a significant toll on cognitive function. Taking just 15-20 minutes of rest after 90 minutes of intense focus or workflow replenishes cellular function and accelerates neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to learn and change.

With fatigue-soothing, neuroprotective properties, The Rhythm is designed to complement the moments of non-sleep deep rest in your day.

How to use

Add a few drops into one of Appellation’s stone diffusers and diffuse at your desk, or in the area where you’re spending your day. Place a drop or two on a tissue or the palm of your hands. Rub your palms together, cup your hands, and inhale deeply.

Active ingredients

Yuzu (Citrus junos) calms the nervous system, alleviating stress and increasing the release of motivation-boosting dopamine1

Pink Peppercorn (Schinus molle) contains a high percentage of monoterpenes including myrcene, known to aid relaxation and relieve anxiety, and a-phellandrene, which reduces inflammation2.

Pink Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is abundant in limonene, which boosts immunity and mood3 and has neuroprotective effects, enhancing memory processing and overall cognitive function.4

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) revitalises mental fatigue, soothing agitation and anxiety.5,6

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