Add Appellation to your new joiner welcome kit, or employee rewards.

You care about your peoples' wellbeing as much as they do. Their values and interests match yours. That's why you hired them.

Amidst the great resignation, finding individuals is tough; keeping them engaged and productive while working in different settings is more important than ever.

Other businesses are offering substantial compensation packages for talented folk; some provide all types of swag when welcoming new joiners, like coffee mugs, drinks kits, notebooks and hoodies.

But you care about their whole wellbeing.

A gorgeous stone diffuser for their workspace

Work Well | unboxing an Appellation diffuser and using scent while at work

Natural essential oil blends for their mental wealth

Choose from The Focus Series (coming soon), The Calm Series or our single origin essentials.

We offer favourable rates for bulk orders.

For those who like to make a real statement, have Appellation founder, aromatherapist and natural perfumer create a customised, all-natural essential oil blend to match an aspect of your business or brand.

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