Inhale, Exhale

Each day, we breathe in about 23,000 times.⁣

That’s 23,000 opportunities to savour scent. To inhale and exhale – slowly and deeply – finding comfort and solace in a treasured aroma. ⁣

The almond pastries your grandmother used to make. ⁣

Inhale, exhale. ⁣

The heady aroma of jasmine on an evening walk. ⁣

Inhale, exhale. ⁣

The mandarin in the fruit basket. Pick it up. Close your eyes. ⁣

Inhale, exhale. ⁣

Think of every inhalation as a blessing that connects you to cherished memories, to your home and your family – wherever they are. ⁣

Illustration 〰️ @serge.bloch ⁣