Whether it's for new employee onboarding kits, corporate gifts or to scent your office foyer, consider a functional formulation.

Appellation provides businesses with the tools to encourage everyone to Work Well.


Employee wellbeing has never been more important. Show them you care.

Finding good people is tough; keeping them engaged and productive while working in different settings is more important than ever.

Great for onboarding kits, or team gifts, we offer tiered discounts: for example, buy up to 10 Diffusers and up to 10 oils for a 20% saving.

(Requires proof of business to be eligible)

“There has never been a more pressing need for employers to make mental health at work a priority”

Deloitte Global Talent, June 2021 


Offer your customers, partners, employees something from Appellation

For event welcome packs, marketing activity, or as employee benefits on your company intranet, we can provide exclusive discount codes for your customers, partners or employees to use when buying online.


Diffuse 100% natural scent in a office space, reception area, lobby, retail store or spa treatment room

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Whether it's a small or large order, custom scent or you're buying for your corporate office, we'd love to hear from you. We offer favourable rates for our Work Well options, and can customise a package to suit your needs. Chat directly, via Instagram, or fill out the form below:


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