If you feel like you're running on empty, you’re not alone.

We’re pushing ourselves harder than ever before, succumbing to pressures and societal expectations that go against our biology.

Whatever your challenge, scent can support you.

Our sense of smell is perhaps the most undervalued of the five senses, even though it is, by far, our most sophisticated sense. 

Scent is processed in the limbic system – the part of the brain that deals with memory, learning and emotion. Simply by inhalation, aroma molecules are transmitted to the brain via the olfactory nerve, where under the radar of our consciousness, they trigger neural activity. 

Certain compounds in essential oils – such as 1.8 cineole and eugenol, found in eucalyptus, basil and rosemary – have been shown to enhance cognitive function, sharpening memory, mental clarity, alertness and the ability to concentrate.

Appellation's diagram showing how scent/smell is the only sense to pass directly to your brain's limbic system which is responsible for memories, emotional responses, stress response and biological rhythms, such as the ultradian rhythm

Others like linalool and linalyl acetate – found in lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot, for example – stimulate the mood-enhancing neuromodulators dopamine and serotonin, and activate the parasympathetic (rest) nervous system, which slows the heart and breath, calming the body. 

Using the right essential oils – and at the right time – can have a measurable impact on your physiological and emotional wellbeing. 

Respect your rhythm

Timing is everything. 

For decades, scientists have studied the circadian rhythm, a naturally recurring biological cycle that governs everything from sleep and mood to hormones and metabolism.

We know that at night, our bodies cycle through different stages of sleep at 90-minute intervals. What is less known is that our bodies follow similar intervals during the day.

In our waking hours, we shift between a state of heightened alertness to a state of fatigue every 90 to 120 minutes. These natural biological patterns are known as ultradian rhythms – your body's predefined, rest-activity cycle. 

Appellation's chart showing the peaks & troughs of our body's natural ultradian healing response

You might recognise your ultradian rhythm by the peaks and slumps in energy experienced throughout the day. That feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ – particularly in the afternoon – or the fatigue or brain fog that occurs after an extended period of focus. 

Ignoring these physical cues to rest takes a toll on mental fitness.

As well as deteriorating cognitive function, not taking a break also triggers the release of adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol, which can over time lead to inflammation, chronic stress, anxiety and burnout.

As we discover more about our biological need for rest, it becomes clear that self-renewal and downtime, whether it’s getting some fresh air, taking a walk, or allowing your mind to restore through meditation, breath-work, aromatherapy or yoga nidra, for example, is essential for wellbeing and all that it encompasses: less anxiety, heightened productivity, energy and immunity, a sense of calm or focus – the list goes on.

Scent with intent

At Appellation, we advocate aromatherapy as a science-supported tool for wellness – one that works in harmony with your body’s innate, biological rhythm.

Appellation chart showing types of benefits like increased focus, or calm when paying attention to your ultradian rhythm

When formulating, we harness naturally occurring chemical constituents found in essential oils that are known for eliciting a positive physiological and psychological effect.

These essential oils form the basis of our functional blends, which are designed to diffuse at specific times of the day when you need support.

In The Focus Series – designed to enhance your daily routines and encourage moments of rest through the day – we selected oils that are linked to improved alertness, memory and cognitive performance. 


In the evening, the unique essential oils incorporated in The Calm Series are known to help soothe nervous tension, preparing the mind and body for restful, quality sleep – the foundation of good health.  

All our products are developed by us and hand-poured at a GMP lab in the UAE.

Natural intervention

With the World Health Organisation defining stress as “the health epidemic of the 21st century”, it’s never been as important to prioritise self-care.

Aromatherapy is a natural and effective intervention to modern-day malaise – a simple way to bring about positive change to your overall health. 

Diffusage – the practice of diffusing essential oils – not only harnesses nature's own medicine, it helps you become more aware of your rhythm, and your own behaviour. 

It becomes a wellness ritual integrated into your daily routine. A conscious decision and a mind-shift that can help you thrive. 

It may seem simple. That's because it is.

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