We believe in small, intentional moments of self-care.

Our mission is simple. We believe that integrating wellness into daily life should be as natural as breathing. That’s why we design products that encourage more moments of self-care through the day.

Our stone essential oil diffusers and functional, therapeutic blends are a simple way to create a wellness ritual at home or at work.

A science-supported tool for wellness

Harnessing the transformative power of scent, Appellation advocates aromatherapy as a science-supported tool for wellness.

Stress. Burnout. Fatigue. Brain fog. Sleep. Whatever your concern, scent can help to restore your natural rhythm.

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"At a time when everyone is searching for balance and wellbeing, improved focus or energy, there is no tool more powerful than scent."

Perfumer and aromatherapist Michelle Wranik-Hicks studied perfumery in Italy under celebrated natural perfumer, Abdes Salaam Attar. The experience changed everything, sparking a fascination with essential oils and the science behind scent.

Today, in between perfumery practice and aromatherapy studies, Michelle and co-founder Michal Hicks dedicate their time to growing Appellation, experimental botanical chemistry, and exploring science-backed wellness practices from around the world.

Our responsibility

At Appellation, we take our social, environmental and organisational responsibility seriously.

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We carefully select all-natural ingredients from producers who care as much about quality as you do.

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Appellation inspiration

It was 20th-century writer Marcel Proust who coined the term “involuntary memory”, the sensory déjà vu of a childhood memory triggered by a certain aroma. 

Our name is drawn from this experience – the recollection of scent memories. It derives from the French verb “appeler”, “to call (by a name)”, and the Latin “appellare”, which means “to summon”.

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