How Often Should You Clean Your Diffuser?

Appellation's stone essential oil diffusers are beautiful and functional, but just like any device, they need some occasional love and attention

So you've bought a beautiful new diffuser and are loving your new ritual of diffusing essential oils in your space. It smells amazing. You feel amazing. But maybe you've been a little too busy to give it a proper clean? No judgement here. 

However, it is important to clean your diffuser regularly to keep it running smoothly and also to ensure the essential oils are dispersed into the air more efficiently so you’re getting the maximum scent and therapeutic benefits.

As a rule of thumb, if you tend to diffuse the same essential oil or blend every day, it’s best to clean your diffuser at least once a week. This is especially important if you're not in the habit of emptying your diffuser after each use, to reduce the chance of mould or mildew building up from water being left inside.

We recommend a light clean once a week, and a more thorough clean in between scent changes and after diffusing any of Appellation’s resin-based essential oils and blends, such as Omani Frankincense, The Quietude and The Tranquilist.

You might have noticed that certain essential oils, like myrrh or Desert Rosewood can also be troublesome, leaving a sticky residue and even hardening around the bottle lid as they oxidise. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. It is still possible to diffuse these stunningly scented oils, so long as you take care to clean regularly between diffusions. 

It's also best to clean after diffusing an intensely aromatic oil, like patchouli (found in both The Salutation and The Night Journey), as its scent tends to linger a little longer than a citrus essential oil, for example.  

To give your Appellation diffuser the gentle clean it deserves, all you need is a soft cloth, some Q-tips (cotton buds), plain vinegar, some mild dishwashing liquid (or for an intensive clean, an alcohol-based cleaner, such as isopropyl or ethyl alcohol) and follow these simple steps:


Disconnect the power supply and remove the cover and reservoir lid.


Add a teaspoon of white vinegar mixed with some water and some mild dishwashing liquid and gently swirl the mixture around inside the reservoir, wiping and rinsing thoroughly. As you pour out any remaining water, take care to avoid water from entering the open air valve on the side (place your finger over the valve just in case).


If you have time, you can also follow this step by running a diffusion with plain water and vinegar for 20 minutes.


If the reservoir still feels sticky, use a teaspoon of undiluted alcohol, like isopropyl or ethyl alcohol (you can even use hand sanitiser) to clean it, which will easily dissolve remnants of oil. For particularly sticky residue, leave it to soak for a few minutes. Then use a soft, damp cloth or Q-tip dipped in the rubbing alcohol, or even an alcohol-infused wipe, to carefully clean the inside the reservoir and the lid.


If you notice residue build-up on the ultrasonic plate – the small circular indent inside the reservoir – pay special attention to it, as this could result in poor diffusion. But be very gentle – use a Q-tip soaked in vinegar or rubbing alcohol to gently wipe dust and excess oil away. Then simply rinse thoroughly and let all parts air dry.


As for the stone shell cover, use a lint-free cloth to wipe away dust. If it needs a more thorough clean, give it a bath in hot soapy water, then dry with a soft towel. 

And that's it! These steps should keep your Appellation diffuser pristinely clean and emitting beautiful, mood-enhancing scent throughout your space. 

To learn more about our diffusers or how to scent your space, go here or read our FAQs.

If you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to email us or send a message via our social channels – we’re here to help.