Hikari | Sandalwood, Cinnamon & Honey | Japanese Incense

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HIKARI 光 (radiant light)

Ambrosial and gently floral, Hikari is a blend of pure Indian sandalwood, Ceylon cinnamon and honey. A nectar-like aroma that unfurls slowly and lingers sweetly in the air, subtly transforming the ambiance in your space.

Hikari is part of Appellation’s Soradaki series: traditional Japanese incense handcrafted by the koh-shi or “fragrance masters” of Awaji island using centuries-old ancestral techniques, and only the highest quality, natural ingredients. 

Designed for meditation, contemplation and other slow, scented rituals.

Each box contains approximately 50 senkō (incense sticks) and Appellation's signature incense holder, made from sustainable, date seed-derived material. 

  • Length: 14cm
  • Incense width: 3mm
  • Burn time: 20 minutes per stick

Quality & Purity

Pure burn

Traditional Japanese incense is meticulously crafted from only the finest natural ingredients. Rare, highly prized woods and aromatic plant material with no binders, synthetic fragrance, or accelerants. 

Because there is no bamboo core, our Japanese incense emits much less smoke, which means no irritation to the eyes and no burnt scent; simply a pure, delicate aroma.

Incense holder

Circular by design

Every year, over 108 million kilograms of date seeds, a byproduct of the industry, are discarded in the UAE.

We partnered with DateForm, a material innovation startup, to create our signature date-seed incense holder, included in every box of Appellation incense.

Since 2023, Appellation incense holders have repurposed 10 kilograms of material – approximately 15,000 date seeds.

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Experience the art of soradaki 空薫

Incense for pleasure

Soradaki 空薫 or "empty burning" refers to the ritual of incense for pleasure.

It is a slow, sensory appreciation of incense, not tied to any religious or spiritual practices. Simply incense for the pleasure of scent alone.

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