Chushin Kobo

Tri Holder | Cast Iron Incense Holder

Dhs. 230.00

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With subtle curved edges, Tri Holder is a cast iron incense holder that integrates form and function with the minimalist beauty of Japanese design.  

Designed by master craftsman Hisanori Masuda of Chushin Kobo, a metal casting atelier in Yamagata, Japan, it is crafted using traditional Imono (iron casting) techniques, rendering a black patina with delicate rings ingrained on the surface. 

Appellation senkō (incense sticks) can be inserted in the small, separate holder and positioned on the plate as desired. 

CARE: Wipe with a dry cloth. Store in a dry place to prevent rust.

W x H x D (mm) 120 x 12 x 120

Experience the art of soradaki 空薫

Incense for pleasure

Soradaki 空薫 or "empty burning" refers to the ritual of incense for pleasure.

It is a slow, sensory appreciation of incense, not tied to any religious or spiritual practices. Simply incense for the pleasure of scent alone.

Read more about sorodaki

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