We partner with select Interior Designers who look for unique ways to add value to their client projects.

Like you, we believe that the finer details should reflect their needs; aspirational, yet functional, and most importantly, uniquely them. Scent included.

Offer a custom Appellation blend, designed for them

Have our in-house aromatherapist and natural perfumer formulate a pure essential oil blend to suit your clients' preferences. During the project, we will:

• Schedule a consultation to gather your clients’ scent preferences.

• Create 2-3 options and test with your client.

• Provide a final custom blend with personalised packaging.

All-natural ingredients

Too many candles, reed diffusers and essential oils are made with synthetic fragrance. Unlike others, when you choose Appellation, you're choosing healthier, 100% pure, chemical-free scents for your client. We source raw ingredients directly from artisanal distillers, organic or wild-harvest practices.

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Add a touch of functional wellness with an Appellation Diffuser

Style one of our stone ultrasonic diffusers in the space to provide your client with a functional objet d'art.

...for the scent Aesthete

Four easily styled colours to choose

Luna | Biscuit | Charcoal | Sorbet

Bedside setting | Work space and office nook | Foyer or landing areas | Statement wall units | Living room credenza | Dressing areas

See how the Appellation Diffuser will look in any space.

Curating can be tricky and sometimes you or your client wants to visualise how the little details will look, before making a decision.

Using your smart phone, choose a Diffuser and tap VIEW IN YOUR SPACE to load the AR viewer.

View diffuser in 3D

Whether it's a one-off project, ad-hoc or a longer term partnership, we'd love to hear from you. We offer favourable rates for our Interior Designer partners, and can customise a package to suit your clients' budget.

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