The Tranquilist | Essential Oil Blend, 10ml

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With a grounding, mellow aroma, The Tranquilist is a deeply calming essential oil blend that soothes away tension and late-night restlessness.

Composed of Omani frankincense, vetiver, myrrh, amyris and palmarosa – all revered for their calming, sedative properties – diffusing this beautiful oil in the evening helps to quiet any mental chatter, inspiring a sense of stillness and peace before bedtime. 

  • Purpose: peace, stillness, repose
  • 10ml provides up to 40 uses

Late-night restlessness

With a soothing blend of active botanicals, The Tranquilist was formulated during the early days of the pandemic as an antidote to evening tension. To ease the troubled thoughts or ruminations that can result in a sleepless night.

While creating The Tranquilist, we analysed findings from a wide range of scientific journals to select the most effective essential oils for the hours of 9-11pm, when many of us feel unsettled and restless, “doomscrolling” through news or social media, or worrying about an email you forgot to send.

The Tranquilist is a blend designed especially for this kind of late-night anxiety, incorporating deeply calming essential oils that are proven to counteract stress and improve sleep quality.

With vetiver, myrrh, frankincense, amyris and palmarosa – all revered for their soothing, sedative properties, this blend is a tonic for an over-burdened mind.

Whether you’re suffering from a high workload, shift work, or simply the pressures of everyday life, diffusing this beautiful oil in the evening can help to quiet the mental chatter and set the scene for a restorative night’s sleep.

Wild-harvested Omani Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) is rich in neuroprotective a-pinene, which calms and counteracts the effects of oxidative stress[12], boosts non-REM sleep[13] and elevates the spirit[14].

Organic Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) is one of the world's oldest known medicines used therapeutically for its healing, antimicrobial activity[16] and grounding, meditative scent.

Wild-harvested Amyris (Amyris balsamifera), also known as West Indian Sandalwood for its woody, calming aroma, has a high percentage of valerianol, a sesquiterpenol that gives it both antioxidant and antimicrobial activity[17].

Wild-harvested Palmarosa (Cymbopogen Martinii) has a soft, rose-like aroma and is rich in linalool, which along with geraniol, calms the nervous system, enhances delta brain activity (associated with slow-wave sleep)[18] and soothes away emotional and oxidative stress[19,20].

Organic Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) is known as the “oil of tranquility” for its deeply calming, anxiolytic activity; one 2015 study (on mice) found it as effective as a commonly prescribed anxiety medication[21].

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Diffuse: Add a few drops into one of Appellation’s stone diffusers and diffuse throughout the area during evening wind-down rituals.

Pulse points: Place a drop or two on your pulse points or the palm of your hands. Rub your palms together, cup your hands, and inhale deeply.

Add a few drops of The Tranquilist to a natural carrier oil and add to a warm bath, use in a soothing, fragrant massage, or wear as a perfume.

The Tranquilist

To ease away evening tension

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