The Impetus | Essential Oil Blend, 10ml

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With sunny notes of white grapefruit, sweet basil, peppermint and rosemary, this functional essential oil blend is an olfactory pick-me-up – especially when fatigue sets in.

Fresh and revitalising, with essential oils known to stimulate brain function, mood and memory, it brings a much-needed burst of energy into your day.

Simply add a few drops to your diffuser or oil burner to beat brain fog and feel focused and creative.

    A Flow State

    Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term “flow state” to describe the optimal mental state where a person becomes so immersed in their work or an activity “that nothing else seems to matter.” When time is transcended, and the task at hand becomes effortless. If you've ever heard someone describe a time when they were entirely absorbed, or “in the zone,” they were likely describing an experience of flow.

    With more distractions than ever before, getting into a flow state isn’t always easy, though there is ample scientific evidence to suggest three neurochemicals – acetylcholine, noradrenaline and dopamine – play a key role in achieving a state of deep focus. Acetylcholine in particular, helps us to learn and stay mentally alert, and also enhances neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to change and consolidate learning.

    Peppermint (Menta piperita) is rich in 1.8 cineole, a naturally occurring chemical that is known to enhance cognitive performance [1,2] and mental alertness.

    Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool) has a high percentage of linalool, which relieves stress and agitation, and eugenol [3], which prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine [4], a neurotransmitter responsible for memory [5], alertness and neuroplasticity [6] (the brain’s ability to adapt and learn).

    Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ct cineole) is especially high in 1.8 cineole, which enables the release of motivation-boosting dopamine and acetylcholine [4], a neurochemical linked to enhanced focus [7], cognitive performance, and neuroplasticity [8].

    White Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is abundant in limonene, which boosts mood and immunity and has neuroprotective effects [8], improving memory processing and overall cognitive function.

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    Add a few drops into one of Appellation’s stone diffusers and diffuse at your desk, or in the area where you’re spending your day. Place a drop or two on a tissue or the palm of your hands. Rub your palms together, cup your hands, and inhale deeply.

    The Impetus

    Scent for flow state

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