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Palo Santo | Sustainably Sourced Essential Oil, 10ml

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Sourced from artisanal distillers in Ecuador, this sustainable and completely traceable Palo Santo Essential Oil is truly unique and tenacious, filling a room with a woody, sweet, meditative fragrance.

Rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol, it's a grounding aroma that purifies and uplifts, and brings about a sense of calm, making it ideal for meditation, yoga, or breathwork, or to soothe away tensions before bedtime.

Palo Santo has long been revered for its ability to cleanse away impurities and negativity. Also known as “holy wood”, it is widely used in indigenous healing practices in South America, particularly in purification and cleansing rituals.

Our partners in Ecuador exclusively harvest Bursera graveolens trees that have died naturally in forests in the Manabí province. The proceeds of every sale go towards forest restoration projects and the education of local communities, as well as scientific research to ensure that Palo Santo, as well as other species native to the dry forests of coastal Ecuador, thrive for generations to come. 

Sustainable Palo Santo

Meditative, woody, tenacious

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