Desert Rosewood | Sustainably Harvested Essential Oil, 10ml

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With a distinctively woody, honey-like aroma, this extraordinary Australian essential oil is a complete perfume in itself.

Complex and alluring, with a slight smokiness and lingering balsamic warmth, Desert Rosewood has a rich, meditative scent that often draws comparisons to sandalwood for its ability to promote a sense of calm. It also shares a similar chemical profile to agarwood, the fragrant, resinous wood used in the world's finest perfumes.

The amber-coloured oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of sustainably harvested Eremophila mitchellii, a resilient tree that grows in the sun-scorched regions of eastern Australia. 

The botanical name hints to its tenacity, derived from two Greek words: “eremos”, which means a desert or a solitary, lonely place, and “phileo”, which means to love. It has a long history of medicinal and ceremonial use among Aboriginal communities in Australia, who used it to soothe the skin and in traditional ceremonies.

Australian Desert Rosewood

Distinctively woody, honey-like aroma

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