We carefully select all-natural ingredients from producers who care as much about quality as you do.

All Appellation products are 100% natural.

We are unwavering when it comes to quality, and source our essential oils from trusted and mindful suppliers who share our standards.

We prioritise both the aroma and the therapeutic benefits of our oils during our selection process. We also take the time to study each GC/MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) report analysing individual components to ensure purity and appropriate beneficial properties are present. These reports go into detail of the specific chemistry of each oil, and are conducted to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness.

GC/MS are available to our customers upon request, though they are not available for all oils – especially small-batch distillations from artisanal distillers. We are, however, more than happy to explain the chemistry and benefits of our oils, and our selection process to our customers – just ask! 

Although we strive to source organic, we must compromise as not all botanical essential oils – particularly wild-harvested oils – are available organically. It's also worth knowing that the impact from using non-organic oils is more or less non-existent. Most pesticides are considered “thermally fragile” and are eradicated through the process of steam distillation. You can read more on the topic here.

Free from toxins

Rest assured you will never find harmful chemicals, preservatives, fillers, diluents, synthetic fragrances or petroleum-derived ingredients in our products. Nor would we ever test any of our ingredients, formulas or products on animals. We ensure our products are cruelty-free, every step of the way.

To further safeguard our beautiful ingredients, we have also opted for Miron glass bottles. Also known as violet glass, this superior glass protects against light and oxidation and extends your product’s shelf life. It's also recyclable.