Omani Frankincense | Wild-harvested Essential Oil, 10ml

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Uplifting and delicately woody, balsamic with hints of orange peel, this pure Omani frankincense is unparalleled. 

Distilled from high-grade Boswellia sacra frankincense resin, this outstanding oil is one of the most sought-after and precious ingredients in perfumery.

Frankincense has been an ancient remedy for millennia, while in aromatherapy, its ability to ground and soothe emotions is well documented. It’s a wonderful oil to quiet the mind, bringing clarity and calm to meditation and yoga practice, or when you are feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

As well as its heavenly aroma, Frankincense is prized in skincare for its healing, restorative qualities. Rich in naturally occurring alpha-pinene, it also has immune-stimulating properties and a calmative effect on respiratory conditions. 

Omani Frankincense

Uplifting and delicately woody

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