Our search for a sustainable material began in Japan

It's common for Japanese incense ateliers to sell boxes of incense with a small holder tucked inside.

The styles and materials varied, from Kiyomizu-yaki, a type of stoneware made in Kyoto in the 18th century, to cast-iron and brass.

We knew that we needed to make a sustainable version to include with each box of Appellation incense.

Something minimal, durable and aesthetic. Something made from repurposed material, resulting in less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

Every year, over 108 million kilograms of date seeds are discarded in the United Arab Emirates

Some of the seeds are used as camel feed, compost and even coffee, however most end up in landfill. 

We partnered with DateForm, a material innovation startup, to create our signature date-seed incense holder, included in every box of Appellation incense.

Since 2023, Appellation incense holders have repurposed 10 kilograms of material – or approximately 15,000 date seeds.

Our signature incense holder is made from sustainable date-seed derived material, diverting waste from landfill.

The date seeds used in its design are sourced from date farms and factories across the UAE

The seeds are roasted and crushed for malleability, creating a solid surface material.

Appellation's date-seed incense holder is precision cut from the material in a factory in the UAE.

A fusion of waste management and product design

Lightweight with a matte finish and a uniquely grained surface, each incense holder is 8mm in width and features a 3mm hole, suitable for Japanese incense.


Watch how the date-seed material is created

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