#ScentIntent represents our mission: to encourage the conscious use of aroma; to awaken the dormant sense.

Scent has an almost magical ability to instantly trigger a memory, transporting us to a specific time or a place or reminding us of certain experiences or people.

Our childhood memories of aroma are so powerful, something as insignificant as a crushed eucalyptus leaf or our mother’s perfume can trigger a tidal wave of emotion.

Yet many of us take our sense of smell for granted. Few give it very much thought at all.

Compared to our other senses, olfaction is sadly unappreciated – even though it is our most sophisticated sense.

Olfaction takes place rapidly and suddenly.

Olfactory signals are directed to the limbic system, the emotional centre of the brain – the ancient, mysterious, primal part that deals with memory and nostalgia. 

As well as conjuring a memory, a particular scent can have an immediate, visceral effect on our emotional state.

An aroma can relax us. It can soothe, invigorate or inspire us or instill a sense of calm and contentedness.

At a time when everyone is searching for balance, wellbeing, mindfulness, focus, improved productivity or better mental health, there is no tool more powerful than scent.

It is this idea that drives us at Appellation. Our #ScentIntent is to encourage the conscious use of aroma – to lift your mood, create an ambiance or simply to create a calm, happy, and beautifully fragrant home.

Scent and children

Children, too, are wonderfully receptive to aroma. Research reveals that their sense of smell is remarkably developed at a very young age.

Even newborn babies can recognise the odor of amniotic fluid, distinguish between the scent of breast milk and formula, and innately know the soothing, familiar aroma of their own mother. 

Smell functions as a powerful channel for children, helping them activate emotions and memories.

Through #ScentIntent and our pure, premium essential oils, we hope to encourage parents to introduce safe, natural aroma at home.

A familiar or pleasant smell could not only trigger a positive memory, it could evoke sense of comfort for your child many years down the line.